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An offbeat news podcast where we explore the strange, the stupid, and paranormal topics circulating the web.

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Feb 27, 2019

This Event is Sponsored by The Shop Ecclectic in Marion NC and Limited Seating is available, please contact us if you have any questions.

The Live Paranormal Round Table will be held on Feb. 24th 2-4pm at the Shop Ecclectic in Marion North Carolina. This is a live event! You can come to the Shop Ecclectic and be a part of the live audience.

The event will also be streamed live on YouTube. Stream participants will be moderated and can ask questions any time during the panel (Omi from CreepGeeks will moderating online activity and interject online questions/comments).

Our Round Table will have speakers ready to cover topics like Ghost Investigations, Past Lives, and Reincarnation, Cryptids, Metaphysical and Spiritual research, as well as General Fortean Topics. Panel Representatives to be announced and featured while we count down to the event!

It’s free to attend, judgment-free and we hope to see you there!