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Aug 3, 2020

In this Fine Episode: 

Bob and Doug Return, In defense of Zak Bagans’ Ghost Adventures Crew, and Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference?

CreepGeeks Podcast Episode 186 

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  • Bob and Doug Returns to Earth and crap Camera Angles


NASA astronauts splash down after journey home aboard SpaceX capsule 

In defense of Zak Bagans

July 31- ZB posts a Twitter and Facebook post in response to Tony Spera and Anabelle the haunted doll from the Warrens. According to Zak “He’s tired of Tony being nasty” 

What's the discord? 

Tony, according to Zak, is unhappy with his portrayal of events from the Ghost Adventures Crew of an earlier episode with Annabelle, an allegedly demonically possessed doll. 

Tony has (according to ZB) been nasty to Zak and the Ghost Adventures Crew. This appears to be in response to an episode of the Screaming Room, a show where the GAC gives commentary and insights to earlier investigations.

Annabelle the doll was used in an investigation and it appears Tony Spera is unhappy with ZB and the GAC. 

ZB has made a Twitter post and Facebook post that details a different viewpoint. 

Who is Annabelle the Haunted Doll- Annabelle

According to and NESPR’s website- Annabelle’s story is this: 

A student nurse is given a Raggedy Ann doll as a gift and she brings it home where she lives with a roommate.  Almost immediately, the roommates noticed strange occurrences with the doll and they were introduced to a medium who told them the doll was inhabited by the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle.  The two roommates tried to accept the doll’s spirit and please it only to have it reciprocate maliciousness and violent intent.  This is when Ed & Lorraine Warren were called and pronounced the doll demonically possessed.  They removed the doll from the house and encased it in a glass box to contain the evil spirited entity.

Paranormal Shame- Ghosts N’at Paranormal Adventures Paracon Cons busted at Pennhurst Asylum, Johnny Zaffis ,katrina Weidman and Tony Spera speak out publicly.

An Encounter with Anabelle-

What It's Like to Meet Annabelle, the Real-Life Haunted Doll From "The Conjuring"   

Tony Spera- 

Restaurant Banquet Hall - $169.00 to spend an evening with Annabelle

75.00 Private Tour 

Tony Spera- We no longer charge for investigations-  ( CreepGeeks Never has ) 

So why are we defending of all people- Zak Bagans?

ZB and the GAC- 

Ghost Adventures- Meet the Ghost Adventures Crew : Ghost Adventures : Travel Channel | Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures 

Who is Tony Spera- 


  • Married to the Warren’s daughter- Son in law
  • Worked with the Warrens for 30 years
  • Runs Nespr -New England Society for Psychic Research founded in 1952 by the Warrens. 


Public Opinions of Tony Spera

Tony Spera- 

 ZB Ghost Adventures Crew


  • In defense of Zak Bagans 


Zak Bagans - Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC) - Home

 Ghost Adventures

ZB- Film School Graduate / Ghost Adventures Documentary on SCIFI channel 2007 / Ghost Adventures Show- 2008 to present /Travel Channel /

Tony Spera- 

Zak Bagans Response to Tony Spera- 

Tony Spera Response to ZB- 

Interesting Quote-

Jason Hawes Taps- If you’re claiming to be ‘the real Professionals’ in a field that scientifically can’t even be proven to exists yet, then it shows your ignorance and how much your ego is out of control.

Tony Spera- Our team, at N.E.S.P.R. - are the real professionals.

We use the ultimate knowledge and power to fight evil.

And that knowledge and power comes from God. 

Is this just a case of the Pot Calling the Kettle a Demon?

Smokey Mountain Bigfoot Conference- 


  • Who we met
  • How it went
  • How has Covid affected it?
  • Wandering Bobo- Sign Gone?
  • Got Interviewed
  • Met Lyle Blackburn- Practical Joke 
  • Amy Bue -Mini Interview with Amy -DOES NOT CHARGE
  • Met some repeat offenders.


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