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 Hey everyone! Help us out!

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We’d like to grow and that would be super cool and Super Helpful!

Feb 21, 2018

THE New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum plus Navajo Paranormal Rangers

CheapGeek Podcast Episode 66

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An offbeat news podcast where we explore the strange, the stupid, and paranormal topics circulating the web.

  1. Hey Everyone! You can call the show and leave us a message!



Hey everyone! Help us out!

Rate us on iTunes!

We’d like to grow and that would be super cool and Super Helpful!


This week we took a field trip!

*New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum had the Navajo Paranormal Rangers as guest speakers so we had to go!


New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum-

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Paranormal Rangers / Navajo Rangers

Navajo Rangers Jonathan Dover (Ret. Lt.) and Ranger Sergeant, Stanley Milford Jr. worked together in a Native American law enforcement department for over ten (10) years in the Department of Resource Enforcement. Together they managed a section called the Special Projects Unit. This special unit not only dealt with the typical day to day law enforcement investigations, it also was tasked to manage those investigations and cases on the fringe of reality, those cases deemed “paranormal.” This included cases dealing with such things as Skinwalkers and Witchcraft, Bigfoot sightings, Ghosts and Hauntings, UFO sightings and Aliens.


  • UFO’S and The Paranormal


Stan and Jon

  1. Worked over a decade in the Navajo Rangers Special Enforcement Group.
    1. Navajo Nation territory approximately size of West Virginia (possibly larger).  
    2. Population: 900K persons living on Reservations, Pueblos, territories.
    3. 110 Community Chapter?
  2. Oversaw High Profile and High Value cases, functioned as Police, SWAT, Federal Antiquities Agents, Forest/Fish/Game Rangers, Fire/Rescue, Back Country Patrol, Natural Disaster Aid for the Navajo Nation
  3. Jon served as an Archaeological Specialist for Navajo Nation and Federal Government.  Also functions as an expert for all native pottery, including pre-Native American peoples  (like Anasazi and earlier).
  4. Both worked high-profile cases like the Antelope Canyon Flooding, Federal Bust/Recovery of Native pottery. And the Phoenix Lights.
  5. Reason they ended up on this special task force: Their chief was on the scene of a bigfoot report with two rookies.  Two rookies joked around, and were very unprofessional.


  1. The most well-known case they covered was the Phoenix Lights (March 13th 1997)
  2. Lights Circled for 40 minutes.
  3. Jon recorded the event.  Days later, was visited by mysterious individual that asked for footage.  
  4. Jon had copied the footage, but the stranger never contacted jon back after getting a copy of the tape.
  5. Kids destroyed only copy.
  1. BigFoot: Both have been on a few Sasquatch cases, have collected hair samples, rocks, and footprint castings (as well as photos).
  1. Samples have been sent off, results “Undefined Carnivore”
  1.  Missing Time:  Jon has a very, very long distance Fleet Route (150 miles).  Has been doing route for years.
  1. Woke up early one morning for an oil change, drove his regular loop to Arizona.
  2. Had been driving, halfway there.  Blinked Eyes.  Was suddenly 15 miles AHEAD of where he was and over 45 minutes early.  
  3. Possible Abduction -Event Horizon, or Microscopic/MicroBurst Black Hole.
  1. The Ol’man Case.
  1. Called out to a family residence/land.  One member of family worked for government.
  2. Reported spherical object appearing over property at midnight, hoovered over property and visitation.
  3. Strange sounds and feelings about surrounding area.
  4. Dog encountered beings.  Dog passed away shortly after.  INTERESTING NOTE: Animals disappeared or ran-away after event.
  5. Beings were fascinated with solar walkway lights. Beings were 3-4 feet tall with strange devices/wands in Y/G/B light colors.
  6. Original Account reported to them in Dine’ (Navajo, another reason they were sent out).
  1. Orb Lights - Flagstaff
  1. Woman was followed by red lights.
  2. MUFON sent out their star team.
  3. Compass around magnetic influences on car.
  4. Car’s oil was pulled for testing (Sodium Nitrate).
  5. Car became faulty.
  6. Woman got home, was freaked out.  Called her brother, sat in car with door locked.
    1. Screenshot memory
    2. Abduction
  7. Talked to brother for over 1.5 hours.  Had a 37 inch tall, black-eyed rabbit stare at her entire time. Rabbit stood between the car and her house.
  1.  String of Lights - Chinle’
  1. 100 yard string of lights spotted in horizon. Transformed into 3 story tall stack/series of lights.
  2. Power Outage and Storm followed
  1.  Satan’s Butte, Arizona
  1. Bigelow Aerospace
  2. Lights flying/dragging INTO butte.
  3. Cylinder

7a. Skinwalker Experience (same area)?

  1. Horses Spooked
  2. Man goes to barn, finds mangy dog covered in dust.
  3. Attempts to kill mangy beast, when he strikes it, the creature explodes into dark dust that fills air.
  4. Man got super sick. Sickness lingered for months. Near Death, his wife convinces him to see a Medicine Man. Medicine man says he was cursed by someone with poison, and the poison/curse dust was in the hide of the skinwalker (mangy dog) he killed.
  5. Guy survived, moved all the way to the east coast.

ASIDE: Multiple audio disturbances during presentation.  These disturbances seemed to happen at their other presentations (youtube).


Investigations use standard Police EQ, Some paranormal and UFO hunter’s “gear”, and they carry totems/charms pertaining to native beliefs. 

1. Both will smudge themselves before and after an investigation, and their talks.

A.On investigations where their agency partners with another, they’ve had collaborations with MUFON, Bigelow Industries, and Feds.


  1. SkinWalkers: Not the fancy werewolves or creatures of Hollywood.
    1. All black magic.
    2. Are people
    3. Wear the skin of the animal they want to become. Will carry that skin in a backpack (these days.)  They used to fold them up in a satchel or wear against the skin under their clothing).
    4. Shamans were taught both good and dark magic, but the ability to become a skinwalker is all “dark arts” and has no use in good magic.
  2. Verbal Memory:  Unlike what you see on TV, summoning spirits, protecting yourself against spirits, and protecting yourself from evil (like the Skinwalkers) requires an extreme form of memorization and memory recall in the form of chants.  Some ceremonies require almost 200 songs memorized.  Old festivals, magic, healings, and ceremonies would last weeks.
  3. Hogans were traditionally built facing east, to face the sun every morning.
  4. Hogans have been found built with their front door facing west, these hogans were for black magic and witchcraft.
    1. Explains teleportation, differed dimensions, black holes, and many unexplained phenomena    
  5. Navajo Creation Story

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