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What is the CreepGeeks Podcast?

Broadcasting paranormal news and fun stories from our CreepGeeks Bunker Studio in the Mountains of Western North Carolina! We’re an offbeat news podcast that takes a light-hearted approach to the strange, the stupid, paranormal & tech topics circulating the web.

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Nov 16, 2019

Season 4, Bigfoot Howl, Exorcist Curse, Dinosaurs in Texas and where have we been?

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What is the CreepGeeks Podcast?

CreepGeeks Podcast is an off-beat news podcast that takes a light-hearted approach to the paranormal, cryptid, strange, the silly, and trending tech topics circulating the web. Broadcasting paranormal news and fun stories from our underground bunker in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Hey Everyone! You can call the show and leave us a message! 


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User Story-



I mentioned seeing a skinwalker and Mothman (but not bigfoot yet!) on one of your IG posts - so here are my stories (unconfirmed, no scientific data, but I'm stickin to them!)

So, I grew up on the Navajo reservation in AZ. My Dad for worked for Transwestern Natural Gas and they had a substation out there.

Anyway, there were many times when there was a skinwalker story or spotting and we'd all load into a pick-up truck and head out into the desert. Never saw one that way, but the stories were part of my day-to-day.

One summer afternoon, all of us kids had gone to where the company airstrip was and set up tents and were doing our typical play thing. I was walking along the fence by the airstrip and noticed a big dark object out in the desert - maybe 50 yards away? I stopped and looked at it - this was flat, no trees, or any plants except rolling tumbleweeds desert, so anything dark and sticking out was out of the ordinary. It looked like a huge, weird dog and at first I thought that was what it was. But it was too big to be that and while it looked as though it was sitting on it's haunches, it also seemed to only be on two legs.

My elementary school brain kicked in and I thought, that's not a dog...a gorilla? and I froze.

It then turned and took off...but not like a dog running away - it almost lept at a very fast pace and disappeared.

I immediately went back to my tent, packed up all of my things and ran home - not saying a word as was typical for my childhood (and all the crazy encounters I had as a white girl living there!)

So, was it confirmed? No. 

I had many nightmares about it and somehow knew, I had finally seen a skinwalker.

I LOVE the unknown and paranormal and have had some wild experiences. Have never seen Bigfoot though...


2nd Story: We met a lovely family on Halloween and the daughter shared a story about a ghost in the household. Greg talked to the mom and daughter for a while, and the mom mentioned weird stuff when they were sleeping and her daughter waking up at night and coming into the bedroom because she wanted to sleep in there.  Weird audio was captured on a dream recorder.  

here have we been?


Where have we been?


  1. Carolina Paracon: 
    1. Toby & Toni Afterlife Paranormal 
    2. KD & Katy Stafford: Ghost of Morgan City
    3. Davina Rush 
  2. Gatlinburg Creatures, Legends and Lore- 

Mary Joyce link to her new book 

    1. Bigfoot: Beyond the Footprints. 
  1. Georgia Bigfoot Conference- Met 

Igor Burtsev 

The SheSquatchers-


and also met some cool folks with leads on UFO conferences and experiences.

  1. Tennessee Bigfoot Conference- 

Lisa at Cryptid Comforts:  


Josh Morris from The Everything Paranormal Show  

  1. PhantomFest: Lebanon Virginia.  
    1. Got setup next to Twisted Paranormal again! 
      1. They have a show on Amazon 
      1. Willows Weep: The Beginning  Actual News:
  1. Bizarre Accounts of Dinosaurs in Texas: 
  2. The “viral” Bigfoot Howl from Canada video makes the rounds: 


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John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries:  

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