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Broadcasting paranormal news and fun stories from our CreepGeeks Bunker Studio in the Mountains of Western North Carolina! We’re an offbeat news podcast that takes a light-hearted approach to the strange, the stupid, paranormal & tech topics circulating the web.

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Jan 18, 2021

In this fine episode: Our listeners hook us up! Listener Calls, encounters with the Top Hat Man and Shadow People experiences, and we discuss some other lurking, shadowy phenomena. 

CreepGeeks Podcast Episode 205

Dire Wolves, The Top Hat Man, Shadow People and other Lurking Phenomena

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What is the CreepGeeks Paranormal and Weird News Podcast?

CreepGeeks Podcast is an off-beat news podcast that takes a light-hearted approach to the paranormal, cryptid,supernatural, strange, the silly, and trending tech topics circulating the web. Broadcasting paranormal news and fun stories from our underground bunker in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Hey Everyone! You can call the show and leave us a message! 

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  • Listener Stories: Top Hat Man and Shadow People: Shadow People and Top Hat Man experiences from historic locations and pueblos seem to be way more intense than what we typically hear about. They also seem to behave differently than what we read about in more mainstream encounters.  So, are witnesses experiencing the same phenomena, or something more sinister? Here's an experience sent in by a friend of the podcast, Sam. After her story, did some research:


  • Shadowy figures appear on the rez, usually near the outskirts of an area. 
  • However, if they are in the pueblo/town, I’ve got a handful of reports of him being near doorways, and balconies specifically.
  • Lurks. Big time Lurker.
  • Unlike typical shadow people reports, reports from the Pueblos/Reservations have multiple witnesses, not just one person.
  • The reports of shadowy figures are usually of the “Top Hat Man” which is different from Shadow people.  The Top Hat Man 
  • Early Mention of Shadow People: Coast2Coast
  • Harley “Swiftdeer” Reagan. Who implied that Shadow People were medicine men who walked in the spirit world and did harm to the living.
  •  (Story from Sam) I was 14 and we had just moved back to the Wanblee reservation a few months before. My mom was going thru a divorce so there was a lot of turmoil in our home.


Because my mom and caregivers were working or busy at night, I usually hung out with my cousins. One night it was just me, Tam and our cousin Kayla home. My mom was out for the evening with one of the aunt’s on my dad’s side. Tam & I were still good girls but my older cousin Kayla was already being rebellious and started smoking. 

So we had made popcorn and we were watching Brahm Stokers Dracula that night. It was fall so it was already cold outside, there wasn’t a moon out that night either so it was really dark. 

In part of Wanblee area there is a 10pm curfew so we aren’t supposed to go out but you can be in your own yard and not get in trouble. So Kayla said she needed a smoke so we went out our bottom door and turned the porch light off. We were standing around talking while Kayla smoked, and I found an old broken GI Joe in the dirt. So as we talked and laughed I broke this the GI JOE up and I was throwing his pieces towards the road. I had his torso left and Kayla had finished her smoke so her and Tam went inside. So I threw the torso and when I did I stepped off the porch and there was a man standing on the side of our house looking at me. He was about 15 feet from me!

I freaked out!!! I turned around, didn't even lock the screen door, had a hell of a time locking the bottom door. There’s a landing and then 6 steps to the main part of the house. I ran up those stairs screaming like a mad woman that someone was outside listening to us. I biffed it on the last step up and literally slid into the living room still screaming.

Of course Tam & Kayla were laughing at me. Then they saw the terror in my eyes and they freaked out trying to calm me down enough to tell them what had happened. I finally told them and they freaked out. So they grab knives from the kitchen and we discuss running to our aunts house. I needed a weapon and said I had a baseball bat in my bedroom. So we walk down the hallway in a line. Me first of course, as we get closer to my bedroom I notice the temperature had dropped significantly and my bedroom light was on. I hadn’t left it on but the door was open a crack. So I kicked that bitch open and barged into my bedroom

The foot of my bed was even with my bedroom window and there he was SITTING IN THE **** WINDOW SILL!!!

My window had been removed from the frame and was laying on my bed and he was sitting there like the fucking blacked out Marlboro man. He turned his head and looked at me. I saw no face, just red eyes and I screamed and just stood there in shock. He nonchalantly jumped out of my window. My sister and Kayla had already run into the living room. I grabbed the bat and followed Then we ran to my aunts house 8 houses down. I tried to explain what had happened to my mom but she had partied too hard and kept laughing at me because I was in hysterics She finally called the cops and they met us at the house. They went out back behind the house and it had rained earlier that day so there was mud back there and NO FOOTPRINTS After that for a few months I had a recurring dream of him in our house, and he was always standing in doorways.


  • From L in Vancouver: 
  • Two friends n i were living at lake kathlyn in smithers ⁰0ne night a guy walked around our balcony looking straight at all of us and glaring at us like very mean and scary but all you could really make out was his eyes. Like he was in the shadows. He walked around the corner where the balcony is third floor level. i look out the window next to where he disappeared and it was to high for him to jump off the balcony so i don't understand how or where he could have went to.. weird scary stuff use to happen to us there all the time. I think it was haunted .
  • A. in Coon Rapids: You have guys ever encountered a being that was 8ft tall, wears a 1800s to 1700s suit and a top hat. First I actually encountered this thing was early fall late summer. It was just standing outside a warehouse in coon rapids. I always seen it while riding late at night 3am to 2am. 


I don't know, maybe this is hat man. A crazy version of it. I'm not crazy, I know. I hope it's just me being tired and I'm hallucinating. This isn't exactly evil but I could feel it could be sinister if it wanted. Some think the reason the Top Hat Man is more common is because he represents something outside of traditions for the area, and he may be a sinister trickster. Some think the phenomena makes it clear folks should go back to their indigenous beliefs:

  • Brass: I live in an area where shadow people show themselves! I totally believe they are released to influence suicide! They thrive on fear and are around the drinking and crystal meth users!  We gotta pray and go back to our old ways, our culture and ways of praying!! It saddens me! I ain't afraid of these black shadows ! But some people are most evil things like this thrive on fear!! I just had to put it out there!
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