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What is the CreepGeeks Podcast?

Broadcasting paranormal news and fun stories from our CreepGeeks Bunker Studio in the Mountains of Western North Carolina! We’re an offbeat news podcast that takes a light-hearted approach to the strange, the stupid, paranormal & tech topics circulating the web.

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Nov 23, 2019

Episode 147 Season 4: Tesla CyberTruck from the Future, Listener Emails, and Flatwoods Monster

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What is the CreepGeeks Podcast?

CreepGeeks Podcast is an off-beat news podcast that takes a light-hearted approach to the paranormal, cryptid, strange, the silly, and trending tech topics circulating the web. Broadcasting paranormal news and fun stories from our underground bunker in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Hey Everyone! You can call the show and leave us a message! 


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Interesting Random Factoid(s)


  • Did you know the Flatwoods Ceramic Lantern is the oldest Flatwoods “keepsake” is the oldest and longest produced novelty keepsake made to commemorate the events of September 12th, 1952?




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User Story-

NOV 14

Life is interesting, I am never up on the computer at 3:30 Am. Usually lie in bed & watch TV.

I have been getting attacked for 5 years. Those bluetooth speakers I mentioned in the last e-mail, that play  SD cards, cards filled with scripture & tones & exorcisms to get rid of these things. I didn’t break the speakers.

There are a few apps that I can recommend. One is ghost hunting tools detector by weasel.

Snow pac studios have apps that work.

Be careful. I spend most of my time trying to rid myself & u are looking for them.

They are all over & refuse to go.

My computer is acting up. Have a good week & find another hobby,


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Actual News:

  1. Jersey Devil Photo, Pennsylvania:


  1. The Truck of the Future looks like something a 2nd grader drew:  
    3. Bullet proof glass not bullet proof.


The Roadtrip to Western Pennsylvania: Flatwoods, West Virginia and the Flatwoods Monster


The Trip:

  1. Original Forecast said it was gonna be “okay” and we wouldn’t run into problems til AFTER the weekend convention.
    1. That was a lie. Cold, Rainy, slipper mountain roads.
    2. Spent an extra hour plus on the road to avoid 12.00 in tolls.
    3. Worried we wouldn’t get there on before museum closed.
    1. Used to be an old “Soda Jerk” which was another term for a Soda Fountain Shop/Ice Cream Shop and Pharmacy.  
    2. Three different Flatwoods Costumes, one with a mysterious unknown origin.
    3. Very cozy, nice place to sit after a long drive... and FULL of info.
    4. Andrew Smith is the Executive Director. Great Guy we got to chat with.
    5. There’s a #FreeBraxxie tour of the town but Pepper couldn’t do the tour because it was just gosh-awful outside.
      1. Like them on Facebook: 
    6. Flatwoods Monster Museum: 
  2. LOVED the Braxton County Visitors Center and Flatwoods Museum!!!


The Flatwoods Monster:

  1. September 12th, 1952. Four/Five kids were playing on the lawn of the Flatwoods Elementary school when they saw what appeared to be a bright pulsing pear shaped object that flew over and slowly landed behind the G. Fisher Farm.
    1. Oldest Boy remembered that someone had come to the school and requested that if they had any meteor sightings to report them to the Geological Survey and retrieve any rocks/findings (this according to the original Ivan Sanderson Interviews).
      1. Full Account on the WVA website: 
    2. Upon reaching the site of the crash, the group saw a pulsing red light. Lemon shined his flashlight up the hill, and the group witnessed a terrifying sight—a ten-foot-tall creature, with a head shaped like a spade and what appeared to be a dark, metal “dress”. The creature’s hands were twisted and clawed, and what seemed to be its eyes glowed an eerie orange color. It appeared to levitate off the ground. A strange, sickening mist hung in the air. The creature hissed and glided quickly toward the witnesses, the group then turned and fled in terror. 
    3. For days after the event, witnesses experienced throat irritation and symptoms similar to mustard gas exposure.  Mother May and Eugene Lemon reported the incident to the authorities.
      1. Interesting Note: Flatwoods Monster Interview by Ivan Sanderson also mentions the ball of fire “beacons” spotted in the area of the first sighting. 
        1. Source:  Flatwoods Monster Story: 
    4. Prior to the Fisher Farm Sighting, a report was filed near the town of Heaters (five miles north of Flatwoods). Audra Harper and her friend were taking a short cut to a nearby store through the woods since the main road was impassible.  A half-mile into their trip, they saw a “ball of fire” on a nearby hill. Harper dismissed it, assuming that one of her neighbors was “fox chasing”. When she glanced back, she saw something unbelievable—the fire had vanished, and in its place stood the tall, dark silhouette of a man-shaped figure. Terrified, Harper and her friend ran, escaping among the rocks and boulders strewn around the hillside. 
    5. A third sighting allegedly happened the day after September 12th, by George and Edith Snitowsky driving through the rural area between Clay and Braxton County on route 4 when their car suddenly died. “Frametown Monster” Twenty-four hours after the "Braxton County Monster" incident occurred in Flatwoods, yet another terrifying alien close encounter occurred in Braxton County, about 17-miles away in the Frametown area.


The day after the September 12th incident in Flatwoods, another strange sighting occurred near Strange Creek about twenty miles south of Flatwoods. Reportedly, George and Edith Snitowsky and their 18-month-old son were driving through the rural area between Clay and Braxton County on route 4 when their car suddenly died. 

Mr. Snitowsky attempted to restart the car to no avail. It was night time and the road was deserted. 

While the Snitowsky’s were trying to decide what to do, a foul, sulfurous smell filled the air and their baby began to cry. A strange bright light filled the darkness and the couple witnessed a ten-foot-tall creature hovering in front of their car. The description is similar to that of the original sighting, except the Monster was not wearing, what is presumed to be, its spade-shaped hood. Instead, its head was reportedly reptilian and bony. The creature dragged its lizard-like hand across the hood of the car before drifting away into the woods. As soon as the Monster was out of sight, the car restarted and the couple sped away. Snitowsky would later give his account for Male Magazine in the 1955.

  1. There’s some red flags about this encounter, including the fact the encounter was not immediately reported, and was initially shared to “Male Magazine” three years later.
    1. FYI: Back in the 50’s, you could send stories into a lot of magazines and they would pay you if it was “Bizarre” or interesting enough.
  2. We spoke to Andrew Smith the Executive Director of the Braxton County Visitors Center and Flatwoods Museum about this third encounter and why it was so unusual.



Flatwoods Monster Reports In Recent News:


  1.  Elk Hunters in New Mexico: 
    1. Covered this in an earlier podcast! Look at the drawings!
  2.,59354 (pics, drawings)


Recommended Reading: 

The Braxton County Monster: The Coverup of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed by Frank C. Feschino. 

John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries:  


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